Constructing Constructive Feedback

Comment 1:

As stated in the audio above I felt it was going to be complex for Madi to try and understand ‘why’ people liked one version of Mario-Kart over the other, so instead suggested that she studies and compares the affordances and limitations of each version, as well as look at the sales of the game to determine which was most successful.

I stated that if she does decide to go with her original idea, that she should not make any big conclusions or general assumptions about why users like one version of the game more. This is because, as I have learnt from this subject and others in the past, it is unethical to make conclusion about ‘everyone’ without sufficient research to back it up the claims.

I also suggested she undertakes a post-structuralist point of view here, as this is what I will be doing for my research, and thus wanted to offer my own perspective. I believe it is important to take a post-structuralist point of view, especially with the analytical framework of psychoanalysis which she wants to do, as it is very important to remember that each individual’s experience is subjective, no two experiences are the same.

I feel this feedback that I have provided Madi is useful and important and will hopefully help her in her research moving froward.

One thing I could improve upon would be working on being more succinct and cutting down length wise, however I did have a lot to say, and wanted to offer as much helpful suggestions and advice to help Madi as much as possible, so this something I’ll have to work on.

Comment 2:

Similarly to Madi, I outlined to Molly that trying to understand ‘why people play simulation games’ is going to be complex for the same reasons listed above, so I recommended that she mainly draw on existing secondary research for this. Looking back, I could’ve gone a bit more in-depth about this as I did with Madi, however I was mindful of not making my comment too long.

My feedback to Molly about considering how she is going to generate user feedback made me think back to my own pitch and realise that I also perhaps didn’t cover this in enough detail. I will, myself, definitely need to go back and consider how I am going to get feedback from my audience about my game media analysis. I think the ideas I suggested to Molly are useful and I will consider utilising them myself in generating my own feedback.

Comment 3:

I feel I gave Jasper some good suggestions for how he can build upon his analytical frameworks. I used my own knowledge of the lecture content to state that Jasper could consider talking about cultural capital, as I felt this was very relevant to what he was discussing. I also brought my own knowledge in suggesting that he investigate fanfiction, as I know from my own experience that many writers use this to change the canon narrative to fit what they wanted to happen.

I noted to Jasper that I felt he could broaden his audience. This led me to consider how I can expand who I am thinking about as my own audience for my media niche as this is something I feel was also lacking slightly from my own pitch.

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